Ritmüller RS183


Serial Number: 995425

6’0″  2006

Make: Ritmüller
Model: RS183
Finish: Polished Cherry Mahogany
Year: 2006
Dimensions: 6’0”

The largest of the Superior series, the Ritmüller RS183 is built with European design to create warm, velvety tones. This piano is engineered by Pearl River and best suited for larger living spaces or small performance halls. Welcoming in both the cherry mahogany color and in the lively sound of the instrument, this Ritmüller grand is able to usher the pianist into a musical world of discovery.

Main Features:
-Brass Hardware
-German Röslau wire, Copper Wound Bass Strings
-All Spruce Soundboard
-PR2.0 hammers with imported Wurzen AA grade German white outer felt and elegant blue felt for a sound that is clean and pure
-All Spruce Soundboard
-Slow Fallboard
-Ebony Sharps
-Ritmüller Action

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