Have you ever walked into the house of a friend or family member and been surprised to find a piano in the living room? For many, a piano is an essential piece of furniture in the home, just as fundamental as eating chocolate on Valentine’s Day. For others, the piano is the center focal point of the room! Whatever your goals for your living space, having your own piano might be just the thing your home needs to create a welcoming environment that nurtures creativity. Here are 7 reasons why we think a piano is one of the best additions you can make to your home!

1. Pianos are the instrument that does it all!

A piano has versatility, unlike any other instrument. Piano music can accompany voice and other instruments perfectly, but it can certainly hold its own weight as a solo instrument as well. If you want to begin exploring the world of music more or take your musical knowledge to the next level, piano is an ideal place to start because it can take you in so many different directions. Plus, a digital piano or keyboard opens up even more options and adaptability to match your specific needs in an instrument.

We even have player pianos that you can record your songs, or play some of your all time favorites. 

2. Great physical and mental benefits

Playing piano is a fantastic indoor activity with many health benefits! Playing an instrument engages the mind more fully than most other activities, strengthening the memory and fine motor skills. This is great for helping young children develop better dexterity, but did you know playing piano can also help relieve arthritis pain? A piano in your home can provide both mental and physical advantages for all ages. 

3. Reduce anxiety and stress

One of the top reasons people pick up new hobbies is to relieve stress, and a piano can do exactly that! Since music is already relaxing, playing the piano is a natural choice for an activity that reduces built-up stress from the office or classroom and replaces that anxiety with positive emotions. Piano can be a huge source of fun at the end of a long day or week!

4. Cultivate creativity and perseverance

Another amazing perk of having a piano is the way you can use it to challenge yourself in your personal development. With a piano, it is entirely up to you how structured or unstructured you make your interaction with music. You can get the creative juices flowing and improvise your own song, or you can work steadily on perfecting that beautiful Liszt masterpiece you’ve always wanted to learn. 

However, you learn best, playing piano teaches the values of perseverance and self-discipline. Smoothing out that trouble spot in the music and reaching a new level of accomplishment is always such a rewarding moment! Plus, the effort you put into using your piano builds strengths that reach across into other areas of your life as well!

5. A time-flexible hobby

A piano is an instrument that can easily adjust to your current stage of life. Sometimes life gets hectic and you can only snatch a few minutes in between your busy schedule to sit down at the piano. In other seasons, you might have hours a day you can dedicate to improving your techniques. Whatever your time constraints, having a piano close at hand can be the greatest motivation to fill the sporadic moments of downtime in a positive way and make the best use of your time. A piano is an instrument that can be easily enjoyed no matter the length or spontaneity of your practice sessions. 

6. Create real moments in an increasingly virtual world

Have you seen those viral videos of spontaneous performances in public airports and train stations? One of the reasons these kinds of concerts gain such a huge crowd is because it’s exciting to discover top-notch skills in the people and places you least expect. There is something special about hearing live music in real time that touches the soul in a way even the wonders of technology cannot match. A piano in your home can be a great way to learn more about the friends and family who visit you. Think of the impromptu music you will get to enjoy from those who might be too shy to perform in a public setting. At Dickerson’s Tri-City Pianos, one of our favorite things about pianos is their ability to bring people and our community together!

7. Pass the love of music on to the next generation

Having a piano in your home communicates the unspoken message that you value music. Children are much more likely to engage with music when they see parents and siblings having fun around a piano. Better yet, playing and sharing your talents with the piano is one hobby where you can invite others to participate with you! Whether you are trying out a silly duet, accompanying the cellist in the family for a recital, or singing Christmas carols, the piano can be a wonderful opportunity to deepen the relationships in your home and instill core memories for your children.

If your dream is to make your home a place of comfort and fun, consider how a piano can help you reach that goal. At Dickerson’s Tri-City Pianos, we believe that music is a key part of life, and a piano is one of the most versatile ways to incorporate music into your home every single day! Come to our piano gallery in the Richland Uptown to play all the different options, explore the different sounds, and feelings, and envision the perfect match for your home. Our experienced team is committed to helping you find a piano of your dreams that you will love for years to come!